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Post  Fireyoshi005 on Sat Nov 27, 2010 12:30 pm

These are the rules for my forum:
-No swearing
-No spamming
-No advertising
-No rule breaking
-Everything you post must be suitable for all ages
-No offensive/inappropriate material that may be considered illegal
-Do not type in all caps
-Do not be mean to any user in any way
-Do not argue with an admin or mod (if you have any problems email Fireyoshi005 at
-Usernames based upon Club Penguin characters or New CP Cheats staff are prohibited
-You may not have more than one account (this includes if you are banned)
-If you are banned and you think you were unfairly accused, please contact Fireyoshi005 (
-All posts must be in English
-No discussions/links/images about "armies" or trackers
-Posting links to other websites is forbidden
-Posting topics to contact any other user is forbidden If you have any problems or suggestions email Fireyoshi005 here: VIOLATION OF THESE RULES WILL RESULT IN A PERMANENT BAN FROM THE FORUM!!!! Have a nice day!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy lol!

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